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Written by Scott Evans   
Wednesday, 12 May 2010 16:55

"Your online radio station is such a blessing.  I enjoy listening to you when I am in the office or on my computer at home.  The music you play is uplifting ... and there is nothing like a good gospel song.  I pray you all are blessed as you uplift believers and bring lost souls to the Savior through your vital ministry of music."

Steven Cheney, Singer and Songwriter


"Your station has been such a blessing to me tonight that I needed. Thanks for being there and thanks for the requests that you played for me."

Bonnie, Listener


"What a great station and ministry!  We enjoy listening to the station while on the bus.  We also appreciate the fact that you are playing our music.  Thanks for providing this great station to everyone and may God continue to bless you and your station!"

Kristen Davis, Higher Calling


"Love it. I have been frequently listening. Also, when I first visited the set-up was a snap, so easy. I was listening in like a minute. Great job!"

Christy McHan, Crossroads Marketing


"I listened to Tunes4Him.com all afternoon Sunday. We don't have a station here that plays southern gospel and I love what you're doing! Keep it up!"

Sandi Duncan Clark, Southern Gospel Columnist


"I checked out the new station and it sounds and looks great."

Randy Keelings, The Keelings and Host of Southern Praise


"This is great!!!!   I'm emailing everyone I know to listen."

Patti Hawkins, Soloist


"I finally was able to sit down at my desk and I'm still listening as I type.  I'm very impressed - you did a great, great job! Now I can say I LOVE THE SG MUSIC FORUM and TUNES4HIM, too."

Robbie Maxwell, New Ground


"I did tune in for a while this morning before I went to work. It sounded great! You are on a terrific thing! It made me wish I could so some DJ'ing!"

John Mills, Gospel_Music Email Discussion Lists and Former DJ, Host of John's Gospel Music Show


"Wow!!!!! What a great job you guys have done.  Tunes4Him is now my #1 internet radio station.  Am happy to tell all my friends about it.  The Lord has definitely blessed the both of you with this incredible gift of computers.  Thank you so much for promoting Southern Gospel."

Kathy W., Listener


"Thanks so much for getting this going.   I absolutely LOVE IT!"

Nathan O., Listener


"Thanks so much for such a great website - I just discovered it today, and you can know I'll be listening often!"

Beth J., Listener


"Hey Guys, Love the station! We are now able to listen to you anywhere in the world when we tour with my ministry."

Chris Hester, Soloist


"I really enjoy your radio station as we can't pick up southern gospel music on stations in Northeast Ohio."

Evelyn P., Listener


Your music is really great, was glad to receive the message about your station, have had it on ever since.  Keep up the good work. Southern Gospel has a hard time getting to Oklahoma.

Charlyn, Listener


"When I first heard the idea for Tunes4Him.com, I knew it was a good one.  The final product more than exceeded my expectations and I really believe this is one of the highest quality station, if not the highest quality station, on the internet today.  We appreciate the efforts by Mark, Scott and the Tunes4Him staff to bring us a quality station with great Southern Gospel Music."

Johnathan Bond, Young Harmony


"The very best that I have heard on the Internet anywhere!"

Karen B., Listener

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